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Why does Muscletrainer help to tone your body ?
Due to a weighted shoes muscle-toning effect is available by simply walking.
As a result of oxygen-intake and heart rate increase by walking coupled with muscle increase basal metabolism increases by up to 25%.
As low impact is imposed on the foot and leg it helps to straighten up spine while walking.
and improve your posture.
In addition, it enhances function of respiratory organ and activates blood circulation to revitalize the body.
How does Muscletrainer walking work ?
  1. Oxygen-intake exercise which helps to burn body-fat
    There is two types of exercise available one is non oxygen-intake exercise associated with instant and high impact exercise the other is oxygen-intake exercise associated with durable and low impact exercise.
    Weight-lifting and short track running, for instance are of non oxygen-intake exercise.
    Whereas walking and jogging are of oxygen-intake exercises.
    The effect of diet could be enjoyed by oxygen-intake exercises, but not by non oxygen-intake exercises.
    Oxygen-intake exercise will strengthen function of respiratory organs, such as heart and lung only to enhance blood circulation.
    and stimulate muscle and increase a basal metabolism which helps to result in reducing a body-fat.
    Low impact exercise like a walking is easy to carry on for a longer period rather than high impact exercise, which is proven to bring about an efficient exercise result
    In conclusion a walking is a right exercise for diet everybody can try as a part of daily lifestyle.
    Optimum level of walking exercise to apply is 50% of your maximum power ,which means when getting sweaty while walking
    Approx.110-120 HR(heart rate) per minute is recommended.
    Instant guideline for optimum heart rate calculation is ( 220-your age ) X 50-70%
    50% :just mean between sweating and non sweating
    60% : sweating
    70% : very much sweating
    80% : cannot continue
  2. " Red Muscle "Strengthening
    There are two types of muscle available of human body.
    "White Muscle" stays relatively close to body surface and is used when requires high power output, and becomes biceps
    eg. Bodybuilder, Short track runner
    "Red Muscle " stays mostly inner side of the body and activates respiratory organs to breathe and sustains
    a critical part of the whole body, which is vital to life.
    eg. Marathon runner
    Red Muscle would show more clear performance of oxygen-intake exercise than that of White Muscle.
    With capillary vessel spread all over Red Muscle much more oxygen is taken in, as a result energy consumption becomes so high as to burn body fat which activates in proportion to the amount of Red Muscle produced in the body.
    Walking enables body fat to burn and increase a basal metabolism, as a result toning your body and making a lean-prone body.
I have a weak legs and hips, is it possible for me to wear heavy shoes ?
When you touch and hold it by hand you will feel it heavy. However 1.2 to 1.4KG weight is only a light load or stress to the legs. Daily walking or exercise with Muscletrainer would strengthen Red Muscle very effectively.
Joint problem or pain of ankle, knee and waist would be alleviated or eliminated by strengthening muscles.Thus Muscletrainer is widely utilized for rehabilitation and medical treatment at the hospital for those who suffer from weak muscle and the aged.
Could wearing MuscleTrainer hurt my ankles ?
Weighing 3-4 times more than a normal shoes it has a braced and padded ankle for better protection.
The weight is well designed and mounted at the bottom of shoes for enabling a stable and safety walking.
On the contrary, ankle weight being mounted at the top of the feet it provides an unstable and unsafe fit,which will also cause skin problem while walking.
Can I wear Muscletrainer everyday ?
You might not wear them everyday, at the beginning you may put it off one or two days a week.
But it differs from each individual depending on your shape, resistance and etc.
Can I wear Muscletrainer on a rainy day or wet surface ?
Yes you can, but you should be careful to prevent from slipping.
Can I wear Muscletrainer even if I am out of shape ?
Yes you will be a prime user of it.
But you must wear it step by step.
At the beginning wear it for a short period of time and then extend the period gradually
if you suffer no pain or no discomfort.
Wear it every day for a period of 30 minutes, which will provide you with more comfort and a effective rersult of walking.
How long per day could I wear Muscletrainer ?
It depends on each individual.
As a guideline I recommend you to wear it for 30 minutes everyday and shall see progress.
If you have some pain or discomfort please consult with your doctor.