A secret is the weighted bottom sole


Muscletrainer original

Muscletrainer is designed to contain a granulated steel sealed with synthetic rubber to comprise a bottom sole,which provides appropriate weight for walking and burning body fat as well as a flexibility of rubber sole. This Muscletrainer shoes is an ideal yet revolutionary shoes ever available with global patents registered in 10 countries.

Patent rights Japan No.3034798 U.K No.1206915
Japan No.3432207 USA No.5758435
Germany No.60101444 USA No.6519878
Italy No.1206915 Korea No.0230113
France No.1206915 China No.ZL01116639.8
Spain No.2211740 Hong Kong No.HK1044876

An integrated multi-layered sealing technology with granulated steel and rubber

Bending flexibility is a vital feature to secure comfortable walking, whereas metal sheet or stick inside lacks a bending flexibility, which causes much inconvenience and damage to the body in walking. Our Muscletrainer with bending flexibility from proprietary integrated sealing technology provides you with comfortable walking and adequate weight.

For Proper Fit of MuscleTrainer

  1. Sit on the chair
  2. Lean your body slightly forward
    Place the shoe on the floor with a shoe toe facing upward when wearing it
    Tap the heel to sit at the back of the shoe and make sure your foot sits tight and firm in the shoe
  3. While keeping the shoe heel touching on the floor
    Pull the shoe tongue to straighten up towards you.
  4. Tighten the lace from toe to the end
  5. When standing on your feet at a distance of shoulder's width between each foot, fasten its lace tightly enough so that your foot heel could sit firmly in the shoe when you put your weight toward the toe.
    If your foot moves loose in the shoe you had better refasten the lace to secure more comfortable fit.

Velcro type: belt
Shoe lace type : lace
* There is no velcro type available for casual and business type

For Proper Fit of MuscleTrainer