Healthier life by Muscletrainer

Enjoyable Walking

Everybody has some experience of having given up do-sports on the way, and ended up with incomplete dietting.
In any sport the key to success is continuity, otherwise practically no good result is expected.
Everybody knows that continuity is a key to success.but it is actually difficult to accomplish to the end.
Walking, which is easy to start at any time as a part of your daily life and could continue long.
Walking is a easy exercise to do on a daily life . Everybody does walk short or long. Just a matter of walking distance.
Special skill, technique and physical space required for baseball, soccer and other ball games are not required for walking.
Walking is really an easy thing to do on a daily lifestyle, wherever, whenever, whoever.
Walking by MuscleTrainer would consume 300kcal for 30minutes while normal shoes walking requires 200minutes.
Our MuscleTrainer will provide you with a happy walking and enhance your walking quality of life with increased muscular power and reduced body fat.

Advantage of Muscletrainer Walking

Muscletrainer walking consumes more energy on lower body and increase oxygen-intake,resulting in increasing fat-burning,which contributes to

  • enhance cardiorespiratory function
  • increase muscular power of lower body, such as leg, thigh and waist.
  • decrease body-fat ratio
  • make a lean body to sustain life
  • protect you from obesity and diabete
  • protect you from osteoporosis(bone-thinning disease)
  • protect you from aging phenomenon
  • protect you from heart disease
  • protect you from joint problems
  • protect you from vascular disease

Friendly for aged people and good for rehabilitation

Walking is low impact and stress exercise, whereas jogging or running is high for an excessive stress imposed on leg, hip and waist.
Due to a weighted shoes it helps to straighten up your spine and improve posture to increase muscle on back,abdomen,thigh and tendon.
As a result, stress on waist, knee and joints is alleviated and pain is also reduced.

A point of more effective walk

Tips for walking

  • Walk with a long stride.
  • Losing your breath while walking is not a right speed.
  • Walking by stepping your foot forward slowly makes your spine straight and good effect to muscle strengthening on back and abdomen.
  • Walking with a great toe kicking off the ground is an ideal walking style.
  • Walking with a big toe kicking off the ground and heel touching on the ground first is an ideal walking style,instead of dragging your feet or soles.

This will activate the whole body to react and function properly.

Tips for walking